May 8, 2024

Curtain Up 2023

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40 Years of Curtain Up | Celebrating Buffalo’s Legacy

Western New York, a region filled with a rich tapestry of culture and history, has always been a hub for creativity, community, and celebration. For 40 years now, the theater community of Buffalo, located in the heart of Western New York, has come together for “Curtain Up!” — a vibrant celebration of the opening of the theater season. As we mark its 40th anniversary, it’s time to reflect on its evolution and impact on the local arts scene.

1. The Origins:

Curtain Up! was not just conceived as an event to mark the beginning of the theater season, but also as an initiative to revitalize the theater district in Buffalo during a time when urban renewal was at its peak. Its inception was not just about the plays and performances but about uniting the community and reigniting a passion for local arts and theater.

Curtain Up Buffalo NY 2023

2. Economic Impact:

Over the decades, Curtain Up! has had a significant economic footprint on the local economy. The event brings in thousands of theater enthusiasts, both local and from other regions, giving a boost to restaurants, hotels, and other businesses.

3. A Convergence of Talent:

The event has been a platform for a convergence of diverse talents – from budding playwrights to veteran actors, from contemporary performances to classic renditions. It’s a testament to Western New York’s ability to both honor its roots and evolve with the times.

4. Community Building:

One of the understated impacts of Curtain Up! is its role in community building. Year after year, it has facilitated interactions among theater aficionados, professionals, and novices, creating a tightly-knit community bound by a shared passion.

5. A Launchpad for Aspiring Artists:

Many local artists credit Curtain Up! for giving them a platform and audience. The event’s supportive environment encourages risk-taking, innovation, and boundary-pushing, acting as a launchpad for numerous artists who have gone on to achieve wider recognition.


As we celebrate 40 years of Curtain Up! in Western New York, it’s essential to look beyond the glitz, glamour, and curtain calls. This event stands as a testament to a community’s resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to the arts. Here’s to the magic of theater and the promise of many more years of outstanding performances, community-building, and inspiration. Curtain Up! is not just an event – it’s a legacy, a tradition, and a beacon for artistry in Western New York.

curtain up 2023 Buffalo NY

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